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Tshwane Sports Council


A Resolution of its Regional Councils taken on 08 October 2011 regarding the Dissolution of the Regional Executive Committees and Board of Directors of the three (3) Regional Sports Council’s elected on 24 February 1992, 27 November 2009 and 26 March 2011 respectively to engage in a re-engineering process that will culminate in the launch of a new and more representative, inclusive and widely consulted Regional Executive Committee (Tshwane Sport Council);    

The existing constitutions of Gauteng North, Tshwane and Metsweding,  Sports Councils, which was adopted on 24 February 1992, 27 November 2009 and 26 March 2011 respectively and amended from time to time thereafter, requires to be replaced because of the need for the restructuring of Tshwane Sports Council in order to promote and effect:

It is the mission of Tshwane Sports Council to promote and provide effective control and management of all sport codes for all the people of the Region of Tshwane within Gauteng;

It is a special commitment of Tshwane Sport Council:

Winston Meyer

President of Tshwane Sports Council

Liana Laupscher

General Secretary of Tshwane Sports Council